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High Efficiency Automatic Aerosol Filling Line

High Efficiency Automatic Aerosol Filling Line

High Efficiency Automatic Aerosol Filling Line

Automatic aerosol filling line / machinery / machine

Filling speed 50 cans/min
Can diameter 35-71mm, height: 80-330mm

Automatic Aerosol Filling Line / Machinery / Machine

Suitable for: Aluminum Spary Cans with International 1inch valve, suitable for filling liquid like spray paint, any other solvent or liquid with medium viscosity. It also uses LPG, DME(Dimethy1 Ther)F12 or any other suitable propellent.

The automatic aerosol filling line with all flameproof switches and electrical connections and all other safety devices to avoid any aacident. It will fill the aerosol cans with liquid (like spray paint or any other liquids with medium viscosity) repetitively and with excellent accuracy. It will have automatic functions by"compressed air"

The machine will be able to fill cans of sizes as per below:
Diameter: From 35mm to 71mm
Height: 8 0mm to 330mm
With standard 1 inch valve
The machine will have inline speed of 50 cans per minute

The Automatic aerosol filling line / machinery / machine consists of following units:

1. Bottle arranging machine: This machine will arrange the bottles or cans and feed the filling line on the conveyor belt.
Power consumption: 0.37KW

2. Liquid Filling Unit: This unit will fill the liquid into each can. Machine is suitable to fill liquid in volumes minimum 50ml to maximum 750ml
There will be three nozzles and one fixing valve head, The liquid nozzle can work together also can work individually, also liquid filling nozzle is no can no filling, no liquid no filling

The nozzles will have facility to change the delivery of liquid from 0 to 250ml each with least count of 10ml and accuracy of +/-0.5%

Power consumption: Screw type air compressor 25kw for whole line

3. Valve fixing machine: The machine will automatically take the valve from the storage and fix it to the can continuously running on the conveyor belt.
The machine will have capabilities to fix the valve of length varying from 50mm to 250mm. If there is no can(to fix the valve ) in the filling line, there is no filling.

4. Crimping and LPG filling machine: The unit will first do the crimping and immediately in next 4 arms do the liquiefied petroleum Gaso(LPG)Filling.

The crimping unit having crimping head supplied along with this AFP (Aerosol filling plant)

The LPG filling unit will have 3 nozzles and one fix vacuum. And each will have capability of delivering 0 to 250 ml of LPG to the aerosol can. It will be possible to use only 1 to all 3 nozzles. The speed of the machine will reduce if all 4 units are not used.
Also LPG filling nozzles are equipped with no gas no filling, no can no filling.
Accuracy of LPG Filling is +/-0.5%

5. Hot water inspection trough: The hot water tube will detect any gas leakage when the filled aerosol travels through the hot water trough.
The water trough will be provided with electrical heater and thermostat to keep the temperature of the water about 48 to 55 Celsius continuously.
The trough will have opening at the bottom for cleaning and insulation to avoid burn injuries to workmen.

6. Cap fixing machine: The machine will automatically fix the cap on each can the unit should be capable of fixing at least 2types of cans.
Power consumption: 0.37KW

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 Q1.What's your delivery method?

 A1:We commonly use sea transportation, using container to deliver the goods through Shanghai Port.


Q2.What products can you provide?

A2:Our main product includes powder mixers,granulating equipments,drying equipments,capsule fillers,blister packing machines,tablet/capsule counting filling line,ampoule/vial/oral liquid filling line includes ultrasonic washing machine,sterilization oven,filling capping machine,labeling machine.


Q3. What's the payment terms?

A3:We will confirm the payment with you when quoting, like FCA, CIF or others.T/T is the main payment.


Q4.How do you ensure your product quality?

A4:We conduct inspections in every production procedure, and for finished products, we will take 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer's requirements.


Q5:Does the machine power voltage meet buyers' factory power source?

A5: We can do it as your request.


Q6: Is it difficult to install the machine ?

A6: For standard small machines, the machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to you to be a complete machine; you just need to connect power and compressed air to machine, then begin to operate the machine.

For large size machines, we will take the machine apart, on condition that we do our best to keep the machine easy to assembly.

You will get videos and instructions about installation of machine from us.




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