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Solid Dosage Equipment

Solid dosage equipment is essential in the pharmaceutical industry for the accurate and efficient manufacturing of tablets, capsules, and other solid forms of medication. These machines are designed to handle various processes such as mixing, granulation, compression, and coating to ensure the quality and consistency of the final dosage form. Some common types of solid dosage equipment include tablet presses, capsule filling machines, granulators, and coating systems. These machines are equipped with advanced technology to control parameters such as speed, pressure, and temperature, ensuring the precise formulation of pharmaceutical products. Solid dosage equipment plays a crucial role in the production of high-quality medications that meet the strict standards of the pharmaceutical industry.
Some examples of solid dosage equipment include tablet presses, capsule filling machines, coating systems, and granulation equipment. These machines are used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production to efficiently and accurately produce solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules. They are designed to handle the precise dosing of ingredients, compression of powders into compact forms, and coating of tablets for enhanced stability and visual appeal. Solid dosage equipment plays a crucial role in the manufacturing process of oral solid dosage forms, ensuring high quality, consistency, and efficiency in production.

solid dosage equipment

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Application of drum Tablet duster collecto: This machine is an automatic continuous operation screening machine that can be used in conjunction with various models of rotary tablet presses produced by our company. It is the main auxiliary equipment of tablet presses. Its function is to separate the powder particles floating on the surface of the tablet from the excess material brought along with the tablet from the tablet outlet after various powdered materials are formed by the tablet press, and it can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to be sucked out through the powder suction port. Features: The other parts of this machine are mainly made of stainless steel, which is easy to rinse, and has a corrosion-resistant and beautiful appearance.
Application scope of dry granulation machine: The particles made by the dry granulation machine can be used as tablets, granules, capsules, etc. This machine is mainly used for granulation in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Especially suitable for granulation of materials that cannot be solved by wet methods. Working principle of dry granulation machine: Dry granulation machine is a new equipment that uses crystalline water in materials to directly make powder into particles. After drying, various dry powder materials are added from the top of the drying granulator and pre compressed into the rolling mill. Under the double roll compression of the rolling mill, the materials become flakes. The flake materials undergo processes such as crushing, pelletizing, and screening to obtain the required granular products.
The steel belt granulator evenly distributes the hot melt materials from the upstream process on the steel strip that moves uniformly below it through the granulator distributor. A continuous water spray and cooling device is installed below the steel strip to force the materials on the steel strip to quickly solidify and cool during the movement process, thereby achieving the purpose of granulation and forming. According to the physical properties and process requirements, different types of granulator feeders with different principles such as external rotation, internal rotation, reciprocating, and gate type can be selected. According to physical properties and usage requirements, fabric forms such as intermittent dripping, continuous strip production, and full width overflow can be selected to produce hemispherical, strip, and sheet products respectively
The semi-automatic capsule filler adopts a programming control system, touch panel operation, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic joint control, and electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete actions such as capsule positioning, separation, filling, and locking. The filling dosage is accurate and easy to operate. The body and workbench are made of stainless steel, and the product meets national GMP requirements. Suitable for capsule filling of powdered and granular drugs and health products.
The semi-automatic capsule machine has a fast filling speed and small size differences. This machine integrates the sorting of powder capsule shells, capsule cap covers, and capsule sets, making it compact and convenient. Suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health product factories, hospitals, and clinics for small to medium batch production
The fully automatic capsule filling machine is a device that fills hollow capsules with materials such as powder, particles, or small pieces. This product adopts plug type filling, intermittent operation, variable frequency speed regulation, automatic completion of bagging, sorting, filling, (waste bag removal) locking, and finished product output
NF60Z aluminum tube filling and sealing machine is a high tech product which was successfully developed and designed by adopting advanced technology from abroad and strictly meet GMP requirement. PLC controller and color touch screen are applied and made it possible for programmable control of the machine. It can perform the filling for ointment, cream jellies or viscosity material, sealing or tail folding, batch number embossing (including manufacture date) automatically. It's ideal equipment for plum tube, metal tube, plastic tube and laminated tube filling and sealing for cosmetic, pharmacy, foodstuff and bond industries.
Automatic plastic tube filling and sealing machine is suitable for filling material into the plastic tubes, then seal the tube. Plastic tube filling and sealing machine suits for filling and sealing, date printing on the tubes, and can be applied in the industries of daily chemical, pharmacy products, food and chemistry, etc. Features: It adopts mechanical structure, smooth and fast operation, high efficiency, low noise, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance and less fault. It enjoys rapid and efficient heaters and stable hot-air flow heating system which is imported, and it also has the advantages of firm sealing, high speed, automatic and precise position, PLC control system, and various sealing machine makes the sealing end in different shapes. Assembled with dust-proof of organic glass
The plastic tube filling and sealing machine can also be widely used in product packaging in industries such as medicine, daily chemical, food, and chemical. For example, filling and sealing of liquid or paste like materials such as ointments, adhesives, silicone, AB glue, skin cream, hair dye, shoe polish, toothpaste, etc.
Automatic weighing scale, also known as weight sorting machine. It is an automatic weight inspection equipment widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Real time online detection of overweight and underweight non-conforming products in the production line.
Rotary Tablet Press is an automatic rotating continuous tablet pressing machine, suitable for industries such as electronics, food, chemical, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is a professional equipment for continuously pressing various granular raw materials. This machine is suitable for pressing tablets with larger geometric shapes, such as milk tablets, calcium tablets, camphor balls, and powder metallurgy products
BZJ-360 series coating granulator characteristic: Complete powder coating and granulation. Complete the masking and coloring of powder, granules, and pills. The finished product obtained by coating the powder has extremely high sphericity. Complete the powder coating liquefaction operation, which is not easy to agglomerate and adhere. The coating process for completed powder has extremely high repeatability. Complete automatic control of powder coating supply volume, with stable and splash free temperature inside the bed. Complete the automatic spraying of powder coating, with accurate measuremen
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