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Pharmaceutical Tablet Press

Our pharmaceutical tablet press is not just any ordinary machine; it is a cutting-edge piece of equipment that is revolutionizing tablet production. Equipped with the latest technology and innovative features, this state-of-the-art tablet press has the capacity to create a wide variety of tablets to suit all your specific needs and requirements. From producing pharmaceutical drugs to nutraceuticals, our tablet press is versatile enough to handle it all. Its compact design and user-friendly interface make it effortless to operate and maintain, making it the perfect choice for pharmaceutical and manufacturing facilities. 
Main Feature:1. The outside part of the machine is fully-enclosed, and it is made of stainless steel to meet the G. M. P requirement. 2. It has transparent windows so that press condition can be observed clearly and the windows can be opened. Cleaning and maintenance is easier. 3. The machine can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets, double-layered and annular tablets, the tablets may have the impressed letters on both sides. 4. All the controller and devices are located in one side of the machine, so that it can be easier to operate. 5. An overload protection unit is included in the system to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus, when overload occurs. 6. The machine's worm gear drive adopts fully-enclosed oil-immersed lubrication with long service-life, prevent cross pollution.

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Rotary Tablet Press is an automatic rotating continuous tablet pressing machine, suitable for industries such as electronics, food, chemical, daily necessities, pharmaceuticals, etc. It is a professional equipment for continuously pressing various granular raw materials. This machine is suitable for pressing tablets with larger geometric shapes, such as milk tablets, calcium tablets, camphor balls, and powder metallurgy products
The speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted when the rotary tablet press is pressed. The mechanical buffer device on the machine can avoid mechanical damage caused by overload. The machine is equipped with a powder suction box. The dust generated when the machine is rotated can be absorbed by the suction nozzle to avoid sticking and blockage, and the raw materials can be recycled for reuse. In some pharmaceutical tablet presses, burrs and dust appear during tablet compression, and should be equipped with a sieve machine to remove dust at the same time (more than twice), and must meet GMP specifications.
The ZP-29 rotary tablet press is a dual pressure automatic rotary continuous tablet press machine that compresses granular raw materials into tablets. He is mainly used in the production of the pharmaceutical industry, and is also suitable for industrial sectors such as chemical, food, and electronics. It can press various types of irregular, circular, and dual color films.
The GZP high-speed rotary tablet press is a mechanical equipment widely used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. It is mainly used to press granular materials into sheets. However, although this type of equipment has significant advantages in improving production efficiency and reducing labor intensity.
Single Punch Tablet Press (TDP series) This machine is designed for pressing round tablets from various granular materials, applicable to lab. Used for research and development and to small-scale production. As its feature, it is a small desk-top continuous press driven by motor or manually. Only one set of punch and die is mounted, the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted.
Main Application  The machine is a new generation product which is developed form the former ZP27 Tablet Press of my company, it is a double-press type, continuously automatic rotary tablet press for pressing tablets, it is widely applicable to industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electron for pressing the granular materials into all kinds of round tablets,irregular tablets and ring shaped tablets. It is especially used for producing various big diameter tablet like effervescent tablet,disinfectant and etc.
1: High speed with large quantity punches, double press rollers. 2: Perfect tablet pressing system. The sizes of pre-compression roll and main compression roll are the same. 3: Double impeller type force feeder, improve granules flow-ability and filling performance, ensure filling precision. 4: Tooling track adopt double-side lifting structure. 5: High performance electrical control system 6: Automatic oil & grease central lubrication system.
ZPW three layers Multi-functional Tablet Press has a wide scope of application. It is applicable not only to the pharmaceutical and foodstuff industry but also the chemical, ceramic, electronic and battery industry for pressing the various kinds of granular materials into tablets. The functions of the machine are complete. Besides producing the round shape tablets, it can also produce irregular, ring shaped or double engraved tablets. It can not only produce single layer tablets but also double layers or even triple-layers tablets to satisfy the different demands of the customers.
Flower basket tablet press is a small, basket type continuous automatic tablet press. It is one of the necessary equipment for processing granular raw materials into tablets or granules in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, etc.
Single Punch Tablet Press Usage: The DP series Single Punch Tablet Press is a continuous automatic tablet press used by pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, food, laboratory and other departments to press powder and granular raw materials into sheets. High material utilization rate, reasonable structure, convenient operation, small volume, high pressure, low noise, and small difference in sheet weight. The filling depth of the material and the thickness of the pressed sheet can be continuously adjusted. It fully meets the national pharmaceutical hygiene requirements and is the equipment of research institutes, pharmaceutical process rooms, and hospital preparatio
This machine is designed for pressing round tablets from various granular materials, applicable to lab used for research and development and to small-scale production. as its feature, it is a small desk-top continuous press driven by motor or man-power. Only one set of punch and die is mounted, the depth of the filling material and the thickness of the tablets can be adjusted.
The DP series Single Punch Tablet Press is suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, metallurgy, etc. It is a small preparation equipment that converts various granular raw materials into circular or irregular sheets. The main characteristics are high precision of sheet weight, stable operation, low noise, low raw material loss, and the experimental raw material consumption is only 200 grams. This product is an ideal equipment for research institutions, hospital preparation rooms, factory laboratories for trial production and small-scale production.
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