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Labeling Machine

Automatic round bottle labeling machine also called vertical labeling machine, it is application for labelling a range of round bottles.The machine is used for full/partial wrap around labeling on different size of round container. It is capable of labeling up to 150 containers per minutes depending on products and label size. it is widely used in Pharma Syrup, Dry Syrup, Honey, Edible Oil, Lubricant Oil, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Phenol, Fruit Juice, Ready to Drink Juice, Cosmetics, Talcum Powder, Bleach Powder, Herbal Powder, Ayurveda Powder, Wine, Liquor, Electrical Components, Dental Products, Adhesive, Glue, Rubber Adhesive, Stationery, LIP Balm, Hair Wash, Petroleum Jelly, Hair Developer, Hair Straightener, Hand Wash, Dish Wash, Hand Sanitizer, Cosmetic Lotion etc.
Main Feature:1. Touch screen and PLC control. 2. Around 30 memory recipes for labeling parameters easy for change bottle size. 3. Low or missing label detect. 4. Synchronized speed selection. 5. Servo motor drive for high accuracy and high speed. 6. No bottle no labeling.

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Detailed Product Description  Labeling Machine DWTB-C 1. Various coating speed 2. High precision coating head 3. Small production 4. Easy to operate  Labeling Machine  DWTB-C is economical, self contained, easy to operate, equipped with auto teach programming touch screen. Built in microchip storing different job setting makes fast and easy changeover. This automatic labeling system is ideal for slim cylindrical container with diameter from 10mm 25mm such as ampoule.
The flat labeling machine can automatically label both sides of the product, suitable for automatic labeling of various flat and square products in the food, daily chemical, pharmaceutical, and other light industries, as well as the circumference of round bottles
The fully automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine is an optional printer or inkjet printer that can print production date, batch number, and spray printed barcode and other information on the label. The inkjet printer conveyor belt is optional and can provide label production date, batch number, barcode, and other information before or after the label. The fully automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine is widely used in industries such as medicine, cosmetics, electronics, hardware, plastics, etc
The fully automatic double-sided labeling machine is a labeling machine that enables the simultaneous application of two labels on both sides of the product. The product is suitable for single-sided and double-sided labeling of flat bottles, round bottles, and square bottles, such as shampoo flat bottles, lubricating oil flat bottles, hand soap round bottles, and other double-sided labeling. The double-sided labeling improves production efficiency and is widely used in industries such as daily chemicals, cosmetics, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals
The fully automatic flat labeling machine is suitable for attaching labels or self-adhesive films on various items, such as books, folders, boxes, cardboard boxes, etc. By replacing the labeling mechanism, it can be applied to uneven surfaces for labeling. It is widely used for flat labeling of large products and for labeling flat objects with a wide range of specifications.
Performance characteristics 1. The device can be attached to one or both sides of round bottles (short labels), one and two sides of square bottles, and one and two sides of flat bottles (such as shampoo, shower gel, edible oil, lubricating oil, washing Detergent, eye drops, etc.). The scope of application is wide and the adaptability is very strong. 2. Powered synchronous tension control supplies labels, which are stable and fast, ensuring label delivery speed and labeling accuracy. 3. The bottle separating mechanism uses synchronous sponge wheel stepless speed regulation, and the bottle separating distance can be set arbitrarily. 4. The correction mechanism uses a synchronous chain to ensure the stability and accuracy of the correction. 5. The pressing mechanism uses screw adjustment, precise action, wide adjustment range, and can adapt to a variety of bottles. 6. Label synchronization positioning mechanism, label positioning error plus or minus 0.5mm.
automatic labeling machine is a device that can stick rolls of paper or metal foil labels onto designated packaging containers or products. The back of the label comes with adhesive and is arranged in a regular pattern on a smooth base paper. The label stripping mechanism on the labeling machine can automatically strip it off. Labeling can complete various tasks such as flat pasting, single-sided or multi sided pasting of packaging materials, cylindrical pasting, partial or full coverage cylindrical pasting, concave and corner pasting, etc. Automatic Ampoule Labeling Machine (horizontal), Find Details and Price about Labeling Machine Self-Adhesive Labeler from Automatic Ampoule Labeling Machine (horizontal) - Shanghai Universal Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
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