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The drug packaging machine is mainly used for packaging solid drugs such as
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The semi-automatic capsule filler adopts a programming control system, touch panel operation, stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic joint control, and electronic automatic counting device, which can automatically complete actions such as capsule positioning, separation, filling, and locking. The filling dosage is accurate and easy to operate. The body and workbench are made of stainless steel, and the product meets national GMP requirements. Suitable for capsule filling of powdered and granular drugs and health products.
The semi-automatic capsule machine has a fast filling speed and small size differences. This machine integrates the sorting of powder capsule shells, capsule cap covers, and capsule sets, making it compact and convenient. Suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health product factories, hospitals, and clinics for small to medium batch production
This machine is suitable for aluminum-plastic, paper plastic, and aluminum-aluminum composite sealing packaging of capsules, tablets, honeyballs, candies, liquids, pastes, disposable syringes, and shaped objects in industries such as pharmaceuticals, health products, food, cosmetics, and medical devices. This machine adopts microcomputer programming control, variable frequency speed regulation, touch panel operation, and high degree of automation, making it an ideal bubble wrap packaging equipment.
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