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Bottle Counting Machine

Introducing our new state-of-the-art bottle counting machine, the latest innovation in revolutionizing your production process. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, this machine is adept at efficiently and precisely counting and sorting bottles of varying shapes and sizes, eliminating the need for manual counting and significantly increasing operational efficiency. Its unparalleled accuracy not only saves valuable time but also mitigates the risk of human error, making it an ideal solution for businesses in the beverage industry and other industries that require meticulous bottle counting. 
1. The flip-flop subassembly mechanism obtains the national patent, does not damage the material when opening and closing.
2. Good stability. Using the electronic counting technology of high dust resistance, it can still operate normally in high dust environment. 
3. Strong compatibility, wide scope of application. All kinds of tablets, capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules, pills, etc.) can be counted and canned.
4. Multistage vibration design. Large size, irregular, high viscosity materials can be effectively separated, accurate count.
5. High intelligence.With the bottle, materials, all kinds of online fault monitoring function, and automatic alarm.
6. High integration. Tablet pill counter can be based on the size of the customer site, output, front and back of  the process line control, improve efficiency, save labor.
7. Easy to use. Small area, easy to remove and clear without any tools.
8. Low running cost. High cost-performance products, low cost of use and maintenance, the original machine configuration for one year of easy-to-wear parts.
9. For easy clogging and special feeding varieties can be customized according to actual needs.(optional)
10. The quality is reliable. The capsule counter adopts stainless steel 304, material contact part uses stainless steel 316 material.

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A counting machine is a machine suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and food, which is used for counting drugs or food such as capsules, tablets, granules, etc
This high-speed tablet and capsule counter combines 16-channel counting heads over a dual-track conveyor on a single frame to double the throughput without doubling the floor space, achieving speeds up to 60 cpm based on 100-count bottles. The machine handles a wide variety of tablets, caplets and both hard and soft capsules of different shapes, sizes and properties.
The fully automatic production line for drug counting and bottling is an industrial processing equipment consisting of a bottling machine, a photoelectric (mechanical) counting machine, a paper stopper (desiccant) machine, a rotary (pressing) capping machine, an electromagnetic induction sealing machine, and a sticker labeling machine. It can be widely used for fast counting and bottling packaging of various shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules, pills, and other drugs, with production efficiency leading the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad.
Usage and Introduction: The vibration head of this machine adopts an eccentric screening and ultra quiet flexible structure, which can infinitely adjust the frequency of eccentric screening. The host is driven by a variable frequency motor, with flexible starting and a wide speed range. The counting board used in this machine can not only automatically count and fill pills, but also automatically count and bottle irregular tablets. Complies with GMP standards and is widely applicable in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, and chemicals.
This machine is widely in small scale production in hospital ,pharmaceutical factory,R&D center for capsule counting. ZJS-A Intelligent automatic capsule counting and filling machine adopts proprietary technology, PLC control, touch screen operating system. It can count automatically with high-accuracy. Some accessory equipment can be connected like feeding turntable, capping machine and Labeling machine. Features: Wide application for all size capsule High counting precision PLC control and touch screen Adopt illuminating techniques automatically alarm without bottle and bottle turned over Easy to change mould within 5 minutes. Stable operation and low noise. 304# stainless steel frame and contacting parts GMP standard
The drug counting machine is suitable for industries such as pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and food, to count, bottle, and bag capsules, tablets, granules, and other drugs or food. It is also suitable for counting, bottling, bagging, and canning other solid objects with regular shapes Automatic Tablet, Capsule, Softgel Counting Machine, Find Details and Price about Automatic Fudge Counting Machine Fudge Counting Machine from Automatic Tablet, Capsule, Softgel Counting Machine - Shanghai Universal Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd.
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