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NJP3500C Fully automatic capsule filling machine or capsule making machine system

  • NJP-3500


NJP3500C Fully automatic capsule filling machine or capsule making machine system


The design is precise and beautiful, and the operation is stable and reliable. It can automatically complete a variety of procedures such as seeding, splitting, filling, rejection of waste capsules, locking of capsules and export of finished products. Fully enclosed 12-station turntable, the module is designed in three rows of 54 holes, this model is a special equipment for the production of large-capacity hard capsule filling.


■ Performance characteristics:

Originally adopts RU250 and RU140 high-precision gap indexing box for reasonable selection.

The fully enclosed twelve-station turntable is easy to clean, pollution-free, and runs smoothly with high accuracy.

It has a high-precision, high-configuration transmission mechanism, which significantly reduces the vibration of the equipment during operation and greatly improves the stability and service life of the machine.

Capsule cleaning device can remove the fine dust raised when the capsule is locked while the capsule is locked.

5, mold cleaning and blowing structure, to solve the mold surface and mold cavity due to the production of strong adhesive powder deposition during production, making the capsule difficult to pull out the problem, increasing the probability of capsules.

6, using four rows of silicone pads, no air supply, no dust flying device.

7. A new waste rejection device, inhaling and blowing simultaneously, greatly increasing the success rate of rejecting waste capsules.

8. The main electronic control components are imported brands. Advanced control principles ensure the precise realization of various program control and safety protection functions.

9. The man-machine interface is beautiful and dust-proof, easy to operate, and fully functional.


Technical Parameters



Max.output capacity

210,000 capsules/hour

No.of segment bores


Suitable for capsule size


Total power

11.5Kw (standard)

Overall weight


Overall dimensions



20Kpa 210m3/h


<75DB (A)


Pumping rate 72m3/h, -0.03-0.05MPa

Filling error



LFP-150A Vertical Capsule Sorter Polisher



LFP-150A series capsule sorter polisher machine has dual functions

of capsule polishing and lifting. The entrance of the machine can be connected with any type of capsule filling machine.The export can be connected with capsule sorting device and metal testing machine.

To achieve polishing, lifting, sorting, testing of the production model.

The machine adopts a number of new technologies and human design concepts, with the following outstanding features:

1: It has the dual function of polishing and lifting the capsule, leaving

a high space for connecting subsequent equipment;

2: The entrance and exit of the machine can be adjusted by 360 degrees, which is convenient for production and saves space.

3: Capsule sorting device can automatically sort the capsule with light loading, empty shell, fragments and body cap capsule

4: The whole machine adopts the quick-mounting type connection structure, which makes the disassembly and installation of the machine more convenient and fast.

5: All parts contacting with drugs shall be made of 304 materials or materials meeting the requirements of modern drug production requirements.

6: The brushes on the main shaft can be detached and cleaned thoroughly. The whole machine can be cleaned without dead angle.

It meets the requirements of GMP.

    Technical specifications



Suitable capsule model

00 # 0 # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 #

Maximum production efficiency(capsules/hour)


Entrance height(Mm)


Exit height(Mm)


Power Supply Index

1PH 220V/110V 50 Hz/60 Hz 0.20 kw

Compressed air

0.3 m3/min  0.3 MPa

Vacuum suction

3.0 m3/min -0.014 MPa

Outline dimensions(Mm)

740 x 510 x 1500

Product Weight(kg)



CVL-II Automatic Capsule Conveyor


New type of capsule feeder structure

The structure is composed of discharge barrel, baffle, clamp, clean pipe, box body, pneumatic components, plexiglass plate, movable wheel, frame and other parts.

The plexiglass plate 12 is hinged with the frame 11. Empty capsules are poured into the box 5, covered with a plexiglass plate 12 and sealed. The box body 5 is welded to the frame 11. The solenoid valve 7 and the pressure regulating valve 8 are fastened on the frame 11 with bolts. The air source is connected to the air pipe 6, and the compressed air enters the solenoid valve 7 through the air pipe 6. The solenoid valve 7 is connected with the pressure regulating valve 8, and the switch is controlled by PLC. When the solenoid valve 7 is opened, the pressure regulating valve 8 displays the pressure value. The pressure regulating valve 8 and the clean pipe 4 are connected by a gas pipe 9. Adjusting the pressure regulating valve 8 can control the pressure of the gas entering the clean pipe 4.

The lower part of the box body 5 is funnel-shaped, and the box body 5 and the clean pipe 4 are fastened by the clamp 3. The empty capsule flows into the clean pipe 4 due to gravity, the solenoid valve 7 is opened, and compressed air is blown in to push the empty capsule into the discharge barrel 1 at the top. The discharge tube 1 and the clean pipe 4 are fastened with a clamp 3. Since the baffle 2 blocks the empty capsules, the empty capsules fall out of the discharge barrel.

The design of the new capsule loading machine beautifies the appearance, increases the storage space, simplifies the structure, makes filling more convenient, reduces material costs, and makes assembly easier, greatly shortening the production cycle of the capsule loading machine.

Main technical specifications:

1. Model: CVL-II,

2. Power supply 220V,50Hz

(can customized as 110V,60Hz as per Mexico voltage),

3. Compressed air:0.05-0.07MPa,

4. Feeding capacity:0-8000 capsules/minute,

5. Volume of hopper:176L,

QVC-2 Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyor


QVC Series Pneumatic vacuum loading machine is used in automatic material for Tablet Press machine,Pulverizing machine, capsule filling machine, Screen machine,Packing machine, Pulverizing machine, Screen machine and Mixing machine etc. It needn’t any mechanical vacuum pump, so it is simple structure, small volume, without repairing, no noise and easy being controlled. It can be stopped separating layer for the feeding material because the machine has high vacuum. QVC Series Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyer was designed according to international standard. It is easy cleaned and beautiful. It meets GMP requirement.






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