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GS-8 Automatic Electronics Capsule Counting Machine

working principle:

During operation, the particles are poured into the top hopper. By properly adjusting the primary and final vibration feeders, the stacked particles in the hopper gradually become a continuous strip straight line along the vibration trough plate and slide down to the blanking port. Then, the particles fall into the detection channel one by one. Using the principle of photoelectric effect, the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the particles fall is input to the high-speed microprocessor (MCU), The counting function is realized through the cooperation of electronics and machinery. Every 8 tracks of particles fall into a blanking port, and the set number of particles are filled into the bottle.
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GS-8 Automatic Electronics Capsule Counting Machine



Product features

It has a wide range of applications. The same equipment can pack several tablets, pills, capsules, shaped tablets and other products; Easy switching and adjustment between different specifications;

The number of pieces is accurate, and an independent optical detection system is used to ensure the high level of precision and speed;

Multi level vibration feeding is adopted, and each level can be adjusted independently, so that the material can swim faster and the posture is more uniform and smooth;

The surface is made of stainless steel and non-toxic, chemical stable food grade non-metallic materials, which are easy to clean without dead corners;

Equipped with bottle shortage and bottle blockage detection photoelectric device, it can effectively control the normal operation of the whole system, automatically stop without bottle and bottle blockage, and automatically operate after recovery;

Simple operation, intelligent design, and various operating parameters can be set directly on the human-machine interface as required;

The structural combination of the mechanical adjustment part and the embedded buckle design make the adjustment and cleaning of different products simple and time-saving during conversion;

Automatic fault diagnosis, comprehensive real-time monitoring, alarm and display;

With the function of parameter storage, the original stored parameters can be directly called without debugging when the product is replaced;

Cylinder positioning and bottle separation, fast and accurate, can be produced by single machine or by assembly line;

Complete equipment supporting materials (including equipment structure, principle, operation, maintenance, repair, upgrade and other descriptive materials) to provide adequate guarantee for the normal operation of equipment;

Operating system:

Absorbing the mature high-speed digital technology of foreign well-known manufacturers, the operating system based on MCU high-speed microprocessor technology and full Chinese dynamic graphic display, the parameters can be set on the touch screen setting interface;

Automatic fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring alarm display system, which can store 100 sets of product parameters, and can be directly called when changing products;

When changing bottles with different heights, it is convenient to adjust the height of the whole machine directly through a handwheel;

It has the function of pre counting, counting and bottling can be carried out at the same time to improve the production efficiency;

Adopt the world's most advanced infrared dynamic electronic scanning technology;

The infrared scanning electric eye has the function of automatic light supplement and the function of limit alarm and shutdown, which can ensure the accuracy of several tablets even if the powder is large;

Matrix type electric eye layout ensures that there is no dead angle in the detection channel, and small size pills can be counted accurately;

Three level password permission function can be added.  

technical parameter

Electronic counting machine



Number of channels of shaking table

8 lanes

8 channels correspond to one feeding and filling port


MAX 4200 capsules/min

Related to the specifications of packaging materials and drug granules

Counting range

15-9999 capsule

Granule specification

3-10mm thick; Diameter 3-24mm; Length 3-26mm

Pills, tablets, soft and hard capsules and other solid particles

Container specification

Height 40-200mm; Diameter 30-80mm

Customized according to customer needs

Air source


Air consumption


clean air

Power Supply

1P 220V 50HZ



Overall dimensions






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