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Purified Water Treatment System Machinery

Purified water preparation system


Purified Water Treatment System Machinery

Purified Water Treatment System Machinery

Purified Water Treatment System Machinery

Purified Water Treatment System Machinery
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Purified water preparation system can effect pharmaceutical water directly,
It submits to GMP critical system.
RO and EDI equipment are designed for application in a wide range of purified water preparation of pharmaceutical plant and core equipment.
Reverse osmosis is also called opposite osmosis relative to "osmosis".
Osmosis is a process of water from the dilute solution flows to concentrate through the semipermeable membrane automatically.
For the reverse osmosis, in the action of applied pressure, water from the concentrate flows to the dilute solution, it is un-optionala.
EDI is also called continuous electro deionization, it brings electrodialysis and ion exchange technology together as one, By the action of electric field, ion directional movement then removes the salts. The working of EDI also a process of resin rebirth continuously, EDI device is after RO system.
Using RO + EDI, water quality can reach16MΩ CM, no any acid and alkali, work automatically for full process.

Advantage and characteristic of purified water preparation system produced by UNIMACH

· UNIMACH works is engaged in design, manufacture, instillation, commissioning, validation service of purified water preparation system, including RO and EDI. The full set of purified water preparation system has following characteristic:
· Professional engineering design team:
· UNIMACH possess of engineering experts at working on pharmaceutical plant design, chemical engineering, automatic control, welding, GMP validation etc. Basing on the knowledge and water quality, they offer GMP requirements, fitting for purified water preparation technical protocol.

· Advantage of manufacture:
· UNIMACH experienced in purified water equipment for several years, such as: Argon protection automatic orbit welding, electro chemical Polish, FAT plant, can assure quality stable and credible.
· Modularization design:
Modularization design is the guiding ideology for whole system, assemble RO, EDI pre-treatment equipment, post treatment etc acoording to equipment capacity and configuration. The method reduces time of working, improves instillation and commissioning frequency at site.
· Material:
Selecting for GMP requirements and customer cost budgeting basing on client requirements, such as pre-treatment, RO, EDI, material of post treatment.
· Linkage with storage tank and mode of recycle production
For RO+EDI, controlled by the level of purified water storage tank, in order to reduce biological deposit on the membrane, system always in the mode of production and recycle.
· Softening agent for pre-treatment
· Not add ant chemical in the process of production, not use scale-inhibitor.
· Two sets of pre-treatment
· On the basis of customer requirements, to guarantee RO and EDI production continuously, equip with two sets of pre-treatment.
· RO components
· To keep stable and credible quality, using hydranautics or DOW components.
It is better to use hot sterilization type RO components suggested byUNIMACH, the RO components can bear pasteurization, not use chemical in the production, cleaning and sterilization
· EDI module
· EDI module made by America IONPURE or Electropure.
Hot water sterilization module is preferred, can sterilized by hot water. Combination with hot sterilization RO components as a whole purified water preparation system no need chemical completely.
· Pump & valves
· Pump and valves are frequent mobile components, so need match with products. The common brands: Grundfos, Burket, GEMU, Alfa Laval etc.

Model RO-500 RO-1000 RO-2000 RO-3000 RO-4000 RO-5000 RO-6000 RO-8000
Capacity(L/H) 500 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 8000
Raw water(L/H) 670 1330 2650 4000 5300 6650 8000 10600
Concentrated water(L/H) 170 330 650 1000 1300 1650 2000 2600
Recycle rate(%) 75

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 Q1.What's your delivery method?

 A1:We commonly use sea transportation, using container to deliver the goods through Shanghai Port.


Q2.What products can you provide?

A2:Our main product includes powder mixers,granulating equipments,drying equipments,capsule fillers,blister packing machines,tablet/capsule counting filling line,ampoule/vial/oral liquid filling line includes ultrasonic washing machine,sterilization oven,filling capping machine,labeling machine.


Q3. What's the payment terms?

A3:We will confirm the payment with you when quoting, like FCA, CIF or others.T/T is the main payment.


Q4.How do you ensure your product quality?

A4:We conduct inspections in every production procedure, and for finished products, we will take 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer's requirements.


Q5:Does the machine power voltage meet buyers' factory power source?

A5: We can do it as your request.


Q6: Is it difficult to install the machine ?

A6: For standard small machines, the machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to you to be a complete machine; you just need to connect power and compressed air to machine, then begin to operate the machine.

For large size machines, we will take the machine apart, on condition that we do our best to keep the machine easy to assembly.

You will get videos and instructions about installation of machine from us.




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