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Automatic double planetary mixer

The planetary mixer has a unique and novel mixing form. There are two or three multi-layer blade agitators and 1 to 2 automatic scrapers in the kettle. While the agitator revolves around the axis of the kettle body, it also rotates around itself at different speeds. The axis rotates at a high speed, which makes the material make complex movement in the kettle body, and its efficiency is usually several times that of ordinary mixers when subjected to strong shearing and kneading.
Common planetary mixers usually consist of two low-speed planetary agitating paddles (usually multi-inclined paddle type, twist type, frame type), one or two high-speed planetary agitating paddles (dispersing discs) and wall scraping paddles.
  • UN-15L

UN-15 Automatic planetary mixer


1、Basic technical parameters:

1-1Product name and specification model

A. Planetary mixer; B. Specification model: UN-15L

1-2 basic structure

A. Electric pot body lifting type; B. Single direct material temperature measurement mode;

C. Double stirring shaft (code name: SJ-WS)

1-3Barrel body (mixing barrel)

A. Design volume: 15L; B. Effective volume: 10L.

A. The material of the inner tank and the outer layer are: SUS304

B. Mirror polished after the inner tank is processed to ensure good roundness;

C. The upper flange plane of the mixing tank matches the upper tank flange;

D. The pot body can be removed

Pure jacket direct cooling/heating  

A. The water inlet and outlet ports are G1/2", and the jacket can pass cold water (oil) or hot water (oil) to cool or heat the processed material.

1-4 Upper barrel body (kettle cover)

A. Material: SUS304.

B. A powder/liquid feeding hopper can be quickly switched on and off; 1 spotlight; with 2 small windows (a spotlight port and an observation hole), a vacuum pressure gauge port is reserved, and other necessary connection pipes (vacuum /Vent/standby).

1-5 Mixing principle

The low-gap design of the double agitating paddles, no dead corners, and the strong kneading interference motion of the low-speed agitating paddles and the up and down/left and right cyclic motions ensure that the materials are fully mixed.

1-6-1 Revolution/mixing motor and

Inverter, reducer

A. Quantity: one set; B. Motor power: 2.2Kw/4P; C. With a frequency conversion speed controller matched with the motor. D. The matching reducer, the reduction ratio is about I=40.26, and the use coefficient fa=1.55.

1-6-2a Planetary revolution speed

Speed: 0~46rpm, adjustable.

1-6-2b Wall scraper (optional)

Quantity: 1 set; Wall scraping material: SUS304 and Teflon; consistent with the planetary revolution speed. ------- Based on design

1-6-3 Gap reference value

(Not mandatory)

A. Tolerance of mixing paddle and mixing paddle: 10±2.5 mm;

B. Tolerance of mixing paddle and bottom: 2~6 mm;

C. Tolerance of mixing paddle and barrel wall: 5±1.5 mm;

1-7-1 Stirring shaft/stirring paddle speed

Speed: 0~76rpm, adjustable.

1-7-2 Stirring paddle

A. Material: SUS304; B. Quantity: two (groups).

1-7-3 Choosing the form of stirring paddle

A. Optional: twist paddle

1-8-1 Dispersed motor


1-8-2 Dispersion speed (rotation)

High-speed dispersion, (dispersion speed is 1400 rpm)

1-8-3 Dispersing shaft and dispersing disc

Diameter 60mm

1-9 lifting (pot body)

Electric lifting: equipped with linear guide rail and positioning device; positioning is safe and reliable.

Lifting motor power: 0.18KW

1-10 vacuum system

A. The stirring and dispersing process can be carried out under vacuum; vacuum degree: ≤-0.85Mpa.

B. The vacuum pump is selected according to the actual working conditions

C. Dynamic seal: adopt mechanical seal; D-2, static seal: adopt O-ring seal.



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