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Industrial Equipment Hot Air Circulation drying Oven

Hot Air Circle Oven (CT-C-I)



Hot Air Circle Oven (CT-C-I)


CT-C series hot air circulation drying oven adopts noise elimination and thermal stable axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system. The entire circulation system is enclosed to make that the heat efficiency of the drying oven increases from 3~7% of the traditional drying oven to 35~45% of the present one. The highest heat efficiency can be up to 50%. The successful design of GMP hot air circulation oven makes that the hot air circulation drying oven in our country reach the advanced level in the world. It saves energy and increases the economic benefit. In1990, the medical management bureau of the State issued the industry standard and the uniform type is RXH.


This drying oven is suitable for the material and product hot solidification and dry de-watering in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, farming, side-product, aquatic product, light industries, heavy industries and others industries. Such as: Raw material medicine, crude drug, prepared herbal medicine of Chinese traditional medicine, plaster, powder, particle, drinking agent, pill, packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, de-watering vegetable, dried fruit piece, sausage, plastics, resin, electric component, baking varnish and etc.


1. Options of heat source: Steam, electricity, or far infrared, or both steam electricity.
2. Drying temperature: Steam heating 50-130 º C, Max. 140 º C.
3. Electricity and far infrared: 50-300 º C. Automatic control system and computer control system on request.
4. Commonly used steam pressure 0.2-0.8Mpa(2-8 bar).
5. For GMP-I, electric heated, rated power consumption: 15Kw, real consumption: 5-8Kw.
6. The special requirements should be indicated at the time of order.
7. Please consult as for any special requirements.
8. For operation temperature of over 140 º C or less than 60 º C, please indicate when order.
9. The ovens and baking trays made by our factory are uniform in dimensions, and can be exchanged each other.
10. Trays dimensions: 460x640x45mm


Most hot air is circulated in the oven. The Heat efficiency is high and the energy is saved. By using the forced ventilation function, there are adjustable air distribution plates inside the oven. The materials can be dried uniformly. The heating source might be steam, hot water, electricity and far infrared. With a wide selection. The whole machine is low in the noise. The operation is in balance. The temperature is controlled automatically. The installation and maintenance are easy. The application is wide. The machine can be used for drying various materials and is a versatile drying equipment.

Parameter Type Dry amount kg/times Power(kw) Consumption of steam (kg/h) Amount of tray Overall dimensions (mm) Amount of trolley Weight(kg)
CT-I 100 1.1 20 48 2430X1200X2375 2 1200
CT-II 200 1.1 40 96 2430X2200X2433 4 1500
CT-III 300 2.2 60 144 3430X2200X2620 6 2000
CT-IV 400 2.2 80 192 4380X2200X2620 8 2300
CT-C-O 25 0.45 5 8 1200X1000X1750 0 800
CT-C-IA 50 0.45 10 24 1400X1200X2000 1 1000
CT-C-I 100 0.45 18 48 2300X1200X2000 2 1500
CT-C-II 200 0.9 36 96 2300X2200X2000 4 1800
CT-C-IIA 200 0.9 36 96 4460X1200X2290 4 1800
CT-C-III 300 1.35 54 144 3300X2200X2000 6 2200
CT-C-IIIA 300 1.5 54 144 2300X3220X2000 6 2200
CT-C-IV 400 1.8 72 192 4460X2200X2290 8 2800

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Company Information



 Q1.What's your delivery method?

 A1:We commonly use sea transportation, using container to deliver the goods through Shanghai Port.


Q2.What products can you provide?

A2:Our main product includes powder mixers,granulating equipments,drying equipments,capsule fillers,blister packing machines,tablet/capsule counting filling line,ampoule/vial/oral liquid filling line includes ultrasonic washing machine,sterilization oven,filling capping machine,labeling machine.


Q3. What's the payment terms?

A3:We will confirm the payment with you when quoting, like FCA, CIF or others.T/T is the main payment.


Q4.How do you ensure your product quality?

A4:We conduct inspections in every production procedure, and for finished products, we will take 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer's requirements.


Q5:Does the machine power voltage meet buyers' factory power source?

A5: We can do it as your request.


Q6: Is it difficult to install the machine ?

A6: For standard small machines, the machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to you to be a complete machine; you just need to connect power and compressed air to machine, then begin to operate the machine.

For large size machines, we will take the machine apart, on condition that we do our best to keep the machine easy to assembly.

You will get videos and instructions about installation of machine from us.




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