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Technical Offer for FLP-1.5 Fluid-Bed Granulator

General of applications
FLP Fluid-bed Granulator/Coater is multi-function equipment integrated spray drying-granulating-fluid coating-drying in one body.The machine combined various process operations.Particularly it is suitable for granulating, and coating of varieties in pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry and chemical industry,etc.
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1. The name and type of the equipment. 

FLP-1.5 Fluid-Bed Granulator/Coater


2. General of applications

FLP Fluid-bed Granulator/Coater is multi-function equipment integrated spray drying-granulating-fluid coating-drying in one body.The machine combined various process operations.Particularly it is suitable for granulating, and coating of varieties in pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry and chemical industry,etc.

Features of equipment

★ Multi-function such as granulating, coating, drying in one machine. 

★ Powder material granulating. 

★ Powder material coating. 

★ Chinese medicine spray drying, granulating and coating. 

★ Make 10-30 meshes big granule. 

★ Film coating of Powder, granules and pellets, enteric release, slow and control release coating. 

★ Taste masking, odor, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, prevent water, heat insulation, coloration and separation coating 

★ Powder, granule, pellet agglomerate material drying

3. The main technical characteristics. 

Model FLP-1.5
Capacity Granulating 1.5
(Kg/batch) Coating 0.75
Material volume Granulating 5
(L) Coating 3.5
Liquid applicable scope <1.3
Material yeild (%) ≥99
Finished product moisture content(%) Most can reach up to 0.5
diameter (mm) Ф300
Power of fan(Kw) 2.2
Electrical heater (Kw ) 3
Pressure of compressed air(Mpa) 0.4-0.6
Consumption of compressed air(m3/min) 0.6
Working temperature (℃) Can adjust among
normal temperature-100 ℃
Nolise (db) Fan separate deal with ≤75

4. The basic options which are included into the complete set.

Name Material Specification Brand
Inlet air system Premary filter Stainless steel G4 Haibi
Middle filter Non-woven cotton F8 Haibi
Endure High temperature HEPA Filter paper H13 China
Electrical Heater Stainless steel 3kw China
Heat cabinet Stainless steel δ=1.5/2 Haibi
Inlet air temperature detector SS304 PT100 China
Inlet air pipe SS304 δ=1.5mm Haibi
Bottom chamber Bottom chamber SS304 δ=3mm Haibi
Drainage device SS304 Form a complete set Haibi
Air sealing Silicon rubber Form a complete set China
 Top cylinder
Top spray granulating bed granulating SS304 (SS316L as contact material) δ=3mm Haibi
Inspection window armoured glass Form a complete set China
Sampler SS304 (SS316L as contact material) Groupware Haibi
Sieve screen SS316L Groupware Haibi
Bottom spray fluid bed Coating container SS304 (SS316L as contact material) δ=3mm Haibi
Bottom spray gun SS304 Φ1 China
Inspection window armoured glass Form a complete set China
Sampler SS304(SS316L as contact material) Groupware Haibi
Air distribute plate SS316L Groupware Haibi
Coating guide cylinder and  adjust SS304 Groupware Haibi
Middle chamber Chamber SS304 (SS316L as contact material) δ=3mm Haibi
Inspection window armoured glass Φ60 China
Top spray gun install seat SS304 Form a complete set China
Top spray gun SS304 Φ1 China
light Haibi
Top chamber Chamber SS304 δ=3mm Haibi
Shaking air cylinder Air TAC SU32×100-FA Taiwan
Exhaust temperature probe SS304 PT100 China
cloth bag frame SS304 Group war Haibi
Cloth bag filter CCP bag anti static Form a compelete set Haibi
Air exhaust system air exhaust pipe SS304 δ=1.5mm Haibi
Exhaust air temperature detector
PT100 China
Flap air cylinder
SU32×100 China
Exhaust fan
2.2KW China
2.2KW China
Spray system Peristaltic pump
100mm/1515 China
Single pipe
Electrical control system control cabinet
Eletrical component Siemens Germany
Pneumatic part Airtac Taiwan
PLC Siemens Germany
touch screen Kinco 7″ China
Alarm Inverter wrong alarms

Termperature wrong alarms

Compressed air low/high pressure alarms

5. Easy damaged part:

Item specification Number Place of production
Silicon sealing T Model 10m China
Pressure tube φ10×1.5 20m

6. Documentation:

1)We will finish test certificates for raw material like for S.S.304.

2) Also we will submit test certificates for all bought out items like motor and gear box.

IQ, OQ documentation will be given as per standard format suggested by your company.

3) Two copies of operational manual in English language will be given at the time of dispatch of machine.

4) All our machines guaranteed for trouble free performance for a period of 24 months from commissioning.

7. Safety features:

This machine is set up with special emergency stop, can stop the operating machine with one button. 

The machines can’t be started without safe earthing.

8. Delivery data and service after sell


T/T: 30% in advance and 70% before shipping


Within 60 days after advanced payment 


Installation and service after sell for free for one year, and with spare parts for two years. 

SAT: Air ticket from china to Client’s and Client’s to China will be paid by Buyer.

Also the buyer should supply our engineer’s room and food!


At actual to be borne by customer. On the start up of the equipments from this contract Haibi’s engineer will be present at the buyer’s company 


30 days from the date of quotation.

6) FAT

We accept the free of FAT for client.

Packaging & Shipping

 1.Nomally shipping steps:


2.Our packing and shipping: 


Our Services


     Pre-Sales Service:             


         * Inquiry and consulting support.       


         *Quickly reaction.                     


          *Factory inspection available anytime.



      After-Sales Service:


         *Prompt technical support


        *Engineers available to service machinery overseas


        *Installation &commissioning,good training for customers.



Our customer






Company Information



 Q1.What's your delivery method?

 A1:We commonly use sea transportation, using container to deliver the goods through Shanghai Port.


Q2.What products can you provide?

A2:Our main product includes powder mixers,granulating equipments,drying equipments,capsule fillers,blister packing machines,tablet/capsule counting filling line,ampoule/vial/oral liquid filling line includes ultrasonic washing machine,sterilization oven,filling capping machine,labeling machine.


Q3. What's the payment terms?

A3:We will confirm the payment with you when quoting, like FCA, CIF or others.T/T is the main payment.


Q4.How do you ensure your product quality?

A4:We conduct inspections in every production procedure, and for finished products, we will take 100% inspection depend on international standards according to customer's requirements.


Q5:Does the machine power voltage meet buyers' factory power source?

A5: We can do it as your request.


Q6: Is it difficult to install the machine ?

A6: For standard small machines, the machines will be packed with no take apart, it comes to you to be a complete machine; you just need to connect power and compressed air to machine, then begin to operate the machine.

For large size machines, we will take the machine apart, on condition that we do our best to keep the machine easy to assembly.

You will get videos and instructions about installation of machine from us.




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