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Powder Mixer&Feeder
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The planetary mixer has a unique and novel mixing form. There are two or three multi-layer blade agitators and 1 to 2 automatic scrapers in the kettle. While the agitator revolves around the axis of the kettle body, it also rotates around itself at different speeds. The axis rotates at a high speed, which makes the material make complex movement in the kettle body, and its efficiency is usually several times that of ordinary mixers when subjected to strong shearing and kneading.Common planetary mixers usually consist of two low-speed planetary agitating paddles (usually multi-inclined paddle type, twist type, frame type), one or two high-speed planetary agitating paddles (dispersing discs) and wall scraping paddles.
The two-dimensional mixer is mainly composed of three parts: a rotating drum, a swing frame, and a frame. The rotating drum is mounted on a swing frame, supported by four rollers and axially positioned by two stop wheels. Among the four supporting rollers, two of the transmission wheels are driven by the rotating power system to make the rotating drum rotate. The swing frame is driven by a set of crank swing rod mechanism, the crank swing rod mechanism is on the frame, and the swing frame is supported on the frame by the bearing assembly
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