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Blister Packing
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This machine is suitable for aluminum-plastic, paper plastic, and aluminum-aluminum composite sealing packaging of capsules, tablets, honeyballs, candies, liquids, pastes, disposable syringes, and shaped objects in industries such as pharmaceuticals, health products, food, cosmetics, and medical devices. This machine adopts microcomputer programming control, variable frequency speed regulation, touch panel operation, and high degree of automation, making it an ideal bubble wrap packaging equipment.
useThis machine is the latest generation of rolling plate high-speed blister packaging machine in China. It can be used for aluminum-plastic, aluminum-aluminum, and paper-plastic sealed packaging of capsules, tablets, milk tablets, candies, and electronic components. It is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, and chemical industries. , Hardware and other industries.Principle The plastic sheet (PVC) is heated and molded into blisters. The material is added into the blisters evenly and orderly through the feeding system, and then rolled and heat-sealed for packaging. Finally, the punching die is cut into plates of the same size, and the plates pass through the discharge port in an orderly manner. Arrange and move on to the next process.
The LJ-500K automatic high-speed strapping machine is a new product developed by our company based on the combination of foreign technology. It fills the blank of high-speed cartoning in pharmaceutical companies, and can link unpacking, boxing, and realizing a complete back-packing production line. The body and components of the equipment adopt all-aluminum high-end advanced design, imported electrical components, PLC, and human-machine interface operation, which make the equipment operation process more stable and convenient. It can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. The equipment complies with CGMP standards.
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