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The high-efficiency coating machine is applied in the fields of pharmaceuticals, food, biological products, etc. It can package various organic films, water-soluble films (which can achieve slow and controlled release effects in drugs) and sugar coatings for various tablets, pills, candies, etc. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and small footprint. The coating process has no dust scattering or slurry splashing, improving the working environment and minimizing cross contamination of tablets; The tablet coating process is simple, significantly reducing the coating time and improving production efficiency. Adopting a new type of microcomputer temperature and negative pressure module control system, touch screen graphic display and control, with programmable functions, it can automatically adjust most of the process parameters such as flow rate, negative pressure, inlet air volume, exhaust air volume, temperature, speed, etc.,
Characteristic:1. All operations can be finished through pushing the touch key on the computer-controlled panel. The operational panel is a full-sealed slight touch film interface. The main machine has reliable and stable performance.2. The streamline guiding-type mixer drives tablets to make easy and smooth rotation without fragment and chipped edge, which improves the quality of finished products.
The BG series high-efficiency coating machine is mainly used in the pharmaceutical and food industries as a multifunctional coating equipment for tablets, pills, etc. for sugar coating and film coating.
The BY series water chestnut style sugar coating machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, research institutes, hospitals for tablet and pill sugar coating, polishing and rolling food, and can also be used for scientific research units to trial produce new drugs. The coated and polished sugar coated tablets have a glossy appearance, and the complete solidified coating formed by the crystallization of sugar on the surface can prevent oxidation, deterioration, moisture or volatilization of the chip, as well as cover up the uncomfortable taste when taking the chip, achieving the functions of easy identification of the tablet and easing its dissolution in the human gastrointestinal tract.
This machine is a device for coating the outer surface of Chinese and Western medicine tablet cores with sugar coating, film coating, etc. It is a new type of equipment that integrates strong electricity, weak electricity, hydraulic pressure, and pneumatic power, transforming the original ordinary sugar coating machine. It is mainly composed of host (raw sugar coating machine), controllable normal temperature hot air system, automatic liquid supply and air supply spray system, etc. The main motor can be used for variable frequency speed regulation. It uses an electrical automatic control method to spray coating auxiliary materials onto the surface of the tablet with a high atomization spray gun. At the same time, the tablet moves continuously and complex in the coating pot, making the coating liquid evenly wrapped on the core of the tablet. The pot has controllable room temperature hot air to dry the tablet at the same time, making the surface of the tablet quickly surface film
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